Featured Submissions

Making & Breaking Symmetries in Mind & Life

Special issue of the Royal Society's Interface Focus

Featuring Georg Northoff+ (University of Ottawa), Philipp Klar+ (Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf), Magnus Bein (McGill University), Adam Safron (Johns Hopkins University)

+equal contribution

Featuring Avel Guénin--Carlut, KAIROS Research

Featuring Bradly Alicea (OpenWorm Foundation and Orthogonal Research and Education Laboratory), Richard Gordon (Wayne State University), and Jesse Parent (Orthogonal Research and Education Laboratory)

Featuring Stuart A. Kauffman (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

Featuring Stuart A. Kauffman (Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA) and Andrea Roli (Università di Bologna & European Centre for Living Technology, Venezia, Italy)

Featuring Chang Sub Kim, Chonnam National University